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May 10, 2004



wow! that is super cute!


goddamn you're a clever little pinku. oops, forgot about the old pink fixarooni.....


Terribly fabulous top.


Wow! It looks fabulous and perfectly cool for the summer heat!


Oh that's gorgeous! How did you like adding the D-rings? Was it hard? Would you do it again? It looks great and fits you perfectly.


Gorgeous! Makes me want to pull mine out of the drawer and wear it.


that is gorgeous!!


Very sexy, you hot little mama! Oh dear, does that read like spam? Anyway, it looks cute and will be very practical in the sticky, nasty Japanese summers.


Beautiful! I love that top, and it looks fabulous and supersexy on you. Wooo!


yup, everyone is right - pia and you look great!


thanks girls. I was worried pia was a little small...but I'd rather it be fitting rather than loose anyway - all season's cotton is soooo stretchy! I love the D-rings - they were easy to sew in and they are ever so cute...and to tell you the truth, anything that spares me from doing more finishing is great in my book! The only thing I kinda regret is the colour...I have no idea why I chose such a dull colour - I think it would look much better in a vibrant summer colour.


i stumbled across your website and am so excited! i was born in japan but have been in california for ages and ages and am planning a trip back later this summer. if you have any tips on where to go/eat/shop, i'd love to hear them! (i'm also a knitter, and am very impressed. will be sure to hit up yuzawaya when i go!)


hey there chocotaco, there are soooo many fun places to visit in Tokyo. I am biased, but I think that Kichijoji is the absolute best place to visit for crafters and people that like an ecletic mix of people and experiences. It's easily covered in a day and there are so many delicious restaurants and cafes....not mentioning all the craft stores - heaven!!! Email me and I'll try and give you a more detailed response. Definitely check out my kichijoji links (most of them are in Japanese) and my Japan/Tokyo/Japanese Crafty links on my about page for starters!!!


you are getting so good at this!! Well done Kath! A Kichijoji stall coming up....?


Lovely tank! The little rings make it so much more interesting looking than most patterns out there. It fits you perfectly too.


great tank! and i love the photos, very original and cute skirt too!

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