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May 23, 2005



Thanks for that healthy foods link. Oh yum. Make sure you cook the heck out of those garbanzos before you puree them--I have ruined a very nice food processor making hummus.

I miss eating in Japan so much. I had trained myself to think one tiny scoop of ice cream was enough. And the aesthetics of food there are so much more important--I love that. Even the 7-11 or Lawson onigiri was good...


Thanks for that link. I'm looking through it right now and it will probably be a regular read now.


Thanks for all those links. That apple tart is going to make a great main course for dinner tonight. :)


Ooooh Heidi's comment makes me remember, don't eat the chickpeas until they are properly cooked (sorry if you know this already), I did that once with disasterous consequences. I love healthy food too, but I still like an ice cream now and again too - like you say it makes you happy :)

queen t

healthy food link is on point....food...one of my favorite things to discuss in J. just had a great dinner prepared by my friend! delish! pic on my site.

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