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August 17, 2005



People who rub their Chewie dolls in other people's faces deserve everything they get (and don't get).

Love Mok?

Marcello Pietrantonio

"old-man hunting", isn't that Good Will Hunting's father?


Those are priceless. And how cool that your area is featured in VK!!


i DID see that in the fall VK! i'm sad that it's $20 in japan though :( it's less than $10 here, i believe. so it looks like the hubby and i are going to book our trip to japan soon! i want to come and shop at some of those stores in your hood!

by the way, how many years have you been speaking japanese?


Have you seen the translated Revenge of the Sith? Very entertaining! http://americaninlebanon.blogspot.com/2005/07/backstroke-of-west.html#112127820294154455


Ooooh, I've beenw aiting for the Fall VK to come out in Canada, but then I forgot about it. I might pick it up while I am in NY. I'm going to Tokyo in September to check out the yarn stores. Actually, I was wondering how the stores there are, if they are like the ones in Canada or US, carrying many, many brands all at once, or if they sell their own brands only. I'm asking because I would like to consider exporting my yarn line to Japan.


I love the Engrish. It truly makes me happy. There's a Flickr group filled with fun examples. http://www.flickr.com/groups/engrish/

Please let me know if you'd like me to pick up a VK for you. I have a thank you package I've been meaning to ship to you for AGES, but have been horrible about. I would be happy to add that to it.

Kitty Kitty

Thanks for sharing the Engrish. Those were hilarious. Have you ever checked out; http://www.engrish.com.


I thought of you when i read that article! I could not believe that avril was not in it. i thought that was the best yarn store you brought me to in your 'hood'! My mom even went back and go me some yarn and i sent my brother while he was in tokyo. I can't wait till next summer to visit the other shops from the article. KICHIJOJI ROCKS!!


I don't know if you have family members who are willing to do this, but when I lived in Japan, I had all my magazine subscriptions sent to my parents' house and my Mom just shipped them to me when she had a package ready. If you are interested in a trade, here in the US we can get the issues at 40% off the cover price when JoAnn's or A.C. Moore coupon is in the weekend paper. If you are interested, feel free to email to me.


I should try the towel trick to when I'm hot indoors *wink* :D


I miss Chinglish. :) "Old-man hunting" is so funny.

(I can't see the Kanoodle ads.)


you should check out www.engrish.com for some great translations of Japanese. It will keep you amused for hours.

Congrats on surviving the quake. I hate those things as well.

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