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October 09, 2005



i have the same memories of perms that you do. but you know what - your modern take on the 80s perm looks sensational!


When you said perm I thought those pictures were going to be very unfortunate, but you look gorgeous!


I'll admit that I was worried until I clicked to see the photos because I too have stick straight hair, and suffered through many unfortunate perms in my youth. I think I'm too scarred to ever brave that again.

However, your new hair looks really beautiful! The color is really pretty too.


Looks great! That ain't no 80's perm!


Definitely had shots of those kinky spiral perms in mind.. This definitely is NOT that.. I love it!


Nice perm! Maybe I don't have to swear off long hair after all. It looks fab.

Kitty Kitty

I love it! What a great new do.


Hot-cha-cha! It looks great!


Coming from a naturally curly, I love a little zip in ze hair!


it looks FANTASTIC!! the japanese have really perfected a lot of hair techniques including perming your hair straight (who knew, right?) so i had an idea that this would look really great. a great change to get you through the dull winter.


Your hair looks great! Maybe I should think about getting a perm too.


Love the new look, Kat!


Nice waves! I just got my perm last week and having trouble with styling it. I liked it but made me looked older.


Sassy new hair! I have the stick straight hair too. Your new do gives me hope!


i was so eager to click 'click below' but unsure what i was in for...
seems we are total opposites
i went curly to straight
and you went straight to curly
fun huh?
you seriously look so chic and gorg!
nice one!


That's gorgeous! I so want one of *those* perms now. The color's beautiful, too. :)


OMG!!!! You and I share a hair type. I might just have to do this! I do go to a Japanese salon too. Hmmmm. I LOVE IT. I was totally scared to click the pic link for the same reasons you were nervous to get the thing in the first place. You look GORGEOUS :) I'm printing pics to take w/ me to the stylist on Thursday.

Miss Twiss

G R E A T hair! In all the pictures I've seen you in I always thought you have healthy and pretty hair. And your hair still looks healthy and pretty. But check out your smile! That says it all. You really like the perm and it suits you.


Wow, that came out really nice! i'm afraid to get my hair permed too, lucky you to be in japan, where they are so fashion/technology forward!

Stephanie VW

Kat - That is a perfect perm! Very Charlie's Angels (the old C.A., not those new movies) time warped to 2005, in a GOOD WAY! Somewhere, Farrah is weeping bitter, jealous tears into her soup.


Stylin'! Of course, I've got the wavy/bushy stuff and would KILL for stick-straight hair. So I'm all jealous of your 'before' shot.


Hey, I was just google online about Curly Perm in Jap Style, and I crossed on your page. It really 'looks good on you, and that's exactly what I would like to get. Do you know what does it call ? I am trying to find a good place to do my perm in USA. But I doubt it. Maybe I have to go to Jap.


WOW!! That looks really good. I am considering getting a perm, thats how I ran across this site...any suggestions?


Your hair is cute, but I think you would look really sexy with short hair! You have a great face.

Tomis Erwin

I got here Googling for "random". Saw this entry. You are beautiful.

Have a nice day!

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