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January 31, 2006



As if our trip last week didn't already have me convinced, I'm just about ready to pack up and move to Kichijyoji now. Looks like a great weekend!


furo rock? brilliant concept! I love the photo of the guys jammed in the bath listening to the guy on stage...hehehe


sigh! As if I needed more reason to be jealous of you guys! :) I love reading posts like this though.... it's the closest thing to being there myself :) Thanks for sharing these little stories of your Tokyo adventures and letting me live vicariously xx


Sounds great! Have you been to the Ghibli museum?


oh kichijoji, how i miss you! you DO live in a great area. it's so much fun there... and i'm glad to see that tyler finally got the hat that he was begging you for in november ;)


gotta figure out a way to get out of Kichijoji station without going into Yuzawaya. It has an almost evil lure for me, once I'm in, it's hard to leave...Love the wine glass shot!


sigh, i need to get my ass over to japan SOON!

i love that pic of tyler and martine through the wine glass. very neat.


I would have been worried about nudity at the sento rock show, too!


Flattery will get everywhere!! Thanks!!

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