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January 11, 2006



Glad to have you back in the blogosphere! Looks like such an amazing trip you had!


what a fantastic looking trip! you and darin look so relaxed and tan :)

i hear ya on the "sick" front. i've been home the last two days with a NASTY cold. ugh. it just sucks.

Kitty Kitty

Welcome back! We missed you.

No fair!!! I have always dreamed of seeing a platypus in the wild. Though alas, I probably will just see the stuffed animal versions setting on me desk. Did you get any pictures of them?


Looks like you had a fantastic trip, I'm so jealous! See you soon, hopefully at the next SnB meeting.


WELCOME BACK! looks like a great trip... o, i haven't sent your package yet (i felt as if mr. pinku needed something celebratory as well) so it should be on its way soon! *many hugs*


Welcome back and Happy 2006! Looks like you had a great time! Hope your chest cold goes away soon.


Welcome back! Love the pictures, Mia's Care Bear reminds me of mine. Can't believe they're back in vogue again!

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