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February 07, 2006



hey lady! cute pics... what a juxtaposition of images! :) I DESPERATELY wanna see that cardigan in full!! It looks super cute... you're so damn clever with those knitting needles... :)

ps) I love being the first to comment here! I always feel like I'm the last to read/comment on US blogs... but not here! Japan must be on a more compatible time zone - thing with Australia.... ?? xxx


I think you should go with the red -- baby blue and red is one of the best color combos, in my opinion.

Long-time lurker, first-time commenter, by the way. I live in Gifu-ken and am jealous of Tokyo SnB. I tried to start a craft group down here, but all the crafters live too far apart....


looking forward to the full forecast pictures! i think i agree with you on the button colour issue but those yellow ones sure are cute.


look forward to seeing a full shot... I vote for the red myself! But the yellow are cute.


ooh, I can't wait to see it! That color is fabulous. And I like the buttons.


hahaha, hard rock.. knitting... head banging.. knitting! fantastic.

i like the yellow buttons, but the best thing about buttons is that they can be cut off and new ones can be sewn on. a deep shiny brown would be nice too!


dude, totally stoked on your forecast!!! i'm making one myself outta autumn wool-ease. gotta finish the sweater jacket for neil and my version of miriah first. i got the yarn, though, and isn't that just as good as having started the project?!?!? besides, now that i'm officially unemployed (hopefully for the next year?), i should be able to just crank out those knitted goods, right?


LOL, your comment about looking like not having much clothes reminds me of the Simpson episode when Marge got a Chanel suit and was going nuts altering the look of it so that it looked like she had a closet full of Chanel.

I like thre red buttons better too.


Forecast is looking good. I love the jumps between the head banging and the knitting.


I looooove the yellow buttons! But maybe if you can't decide, you could put yellow buttons down the front, and the red ones as false buttons on the cuffs?


Ah, good ol'Cohol. Did you know their name comes from Al-cohol? Nothing like a night spent with dirty black metal, beer and some knitting :)

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