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February 15, 2007



i like the "frankly, i like you" one the best. not too emotional or lovey-dovey. don't want anyone to get too excited.

that one is perfect for daz. who were the seven other lucky fellas?


The names "Wallace" and "Mim" are so perfect for these cards.


What a great find! I love valentines of this vintage. *So corny*


So. Cute! Totally worth it!


Super sweet! I still remember a Valentine's card from my childhood. It said, "Peas be my podner" and had these cute little peas in a peapod! This is why I refer to Kelly as "my podner." Happy Valentine's, Kat!


Those are so sweet! Reminds me of the cards I has in grade school. The kind that came in a booklet and you had to cut them out.


ohmygod, i LOVE that hotdog one! all of those valentines are so sweet. thanks for sharing. :)


These cards are amazing! Thanks for posting them, Kat!

naughty secretary club

These are so cute, I heart them. Have you see the reproduction ones at Fred Flare?

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