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October 02, 2008



The same thing happened with avocados when we lived there.


next it will be lemons and maple syrup.

three weeks? but you just had him. crazy.


i know, the bananas thing is driving me crazy!!!


I've had people here laugh at my banana-a-day habit, and now those same people are buying up all the bananas! It's driving me crazy but I've noticed one upside--I've always hated that bananas are sold when they're fully ripe (which means they are often bruised by the time I get them home). But now the markets seem to be selling their bananas as soon as they get them, rather than waiting until they turn yellow. So on those rare occasions when bananas are in stock, they are often green. Yay!

PS, thanks for the link to Mari's blog. Further down the post was something about boiling a can of sweetened condensed milk to make dulce de leche--can't wait to try it!

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