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November 26, 2008



Totally cool!! I'd heard of them - I'm not a big banana eater but I'll have to source them.


omg I want one, sydney loves banana's and on our recent trip to disney we got so mad every time we put a banana in our bag and it broke up and squished up.


Ah, I love bananas but no bananas I buy would fit in there. They are huge at the moment - huge, I'm telling you. Unless you talking about poison Ladyfingers which I don't care about.

Love Mok


What a great idea. Unfortunately I don't think Australian bananas are as standardised as the ones they sell in Japan.

Ali loves bananas and will say "na na" but not Mama, which makes me somewhat bitter.


Hmm...the yellow is fine...but the pink is a little bit phallic, no?

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