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January 20, 2004



moo!! i haven't been to the pink cow, but it looks easy to find, looking forward to meeting you and other knitters.

kat, your posts are great source of info for me, thanks to you mil and I had a great time this morning at kabukiya, and your friend's recipe for kim chee rice and marintated stew sounds all too yummy, can't wait to try them both!

see you on tues


rae! glad you had fun at kabuki and looking forward to catching up on Tuesday. If you do have any problems finding the P.Cow, give me a call!


Hello out there! I'm looking for a little help. I'm new to Japan and am hoping to find a local Stitch 'n Bitch group. Is there just the one group in Tokyo? Are there other groups around the country? -Yokohama, for example? I live out in Yokosuka and getting in to Tokyo for the evening after a full day of teaching can make for a pretty long day. I do want to come in some time and meet some fellow knitters. Any advice?

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