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February 04, 2004



yup, kazaa and bit torrent and soul seek keep my sanity.....

pink fix on its way after a morning walk.... i promise... (fingers crossed i'll have time)


what i wouldn't do for 'will and grace' or 'scrubs'! when we had tv, i noticed only a few sitcoms imported from the us, frasier, spin city. we don't have tv anymore, and i'm stuck w/ kids dvd's and the first season of CSI (crime scene investigator). at the end of the day, i really need a good laugh. where can you download tv shows?


Rae - if you have a pretty fast internet connection and a PC (not a MAC), then you can download a free filesharing program called Kazaa. Then you just do a search for video files of the tv shows you want to see and then download them. We have an fiber optic connection so I can usually download a 30-40 minute tv show in just over an hour. sometimes, if they take longer I just leave the computer on when we go to bed. You will have to watch it on the computer though - so it's best to do it on a laptop.

There's nothing like a bit of a laugh before going to bed!!


Hey Pinku!,

You might like this store based in Toronto:



You can also try some DC/DC++, but oftentimes you'll need to share some files before you can join a hub...

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