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March 16, 2004



oh thank christ for that. thanks for the GREAT link. my bra supply is pathetically dishevelled, my undies have elastic hanging loose and i hate my japanese lingerie purchases. yahooooooo. now i just have to get a job to pay for the purchases.....


the bonds underwear looks great! i'm a fan of cotton only underwear. i don't understand how anyone can wear purely synthetic underwear.. it has to breathe ya know! victoria's secret has nice cotton undies and i also like the Gap's selection. they have some seamless bras that are really comfortable and their bottoms come in great colors.


Oooo. I love cotton undies, I may just have to check those Bonds out. The patterns look really cute.

Good luck with the silly Google searches, I swear they get worse everyday. ;)


Ooooh! You're being linked from Bonne Marie's site this week. I *heart* Pinku.


bonds bras/undies/singlets rule :)

apparently they're bringing out a swimwear range now (why they're launching it in March is beyond me - maybe for all you folks in the Northern Hemisphere?)


I'm intrigued by the plastic flexible non-underwire support. I hate underwires. I might have to order just for this reason.


Aha! I knew i would find a way to get Bonds undies delivered one day ;) I've been having my mum send them over (A girl needs her bonds) but now i can order online

- Thanks!!


hey i fink bonds undies an singlets are so kool
bonds are the only undies i wear n i love all the diffrent ideas you come up with like the ones where you've got b-o-n-d-s all mixed up over it keep up the good work n i was just wondering if you need any one to model some undies for you im willing to do it
love tori


hey yeah bonds r great.....
how do you model for bonds i would like to look into it


oh kat, thanks very much for the link.
i'm italian and i lived in brisbane for 3 months in 2001. since i've tried the bonds undies (hipster) they are the only ones i wear! and now that i should buy them again since the ones i have are a bit old, i couldn't find the way to get them from here!
nothing compares bonds!

see you soon, i'll come back here!!!

Ashley Latimer

i really whant to be a bonds model but most of a g-string model. All of my freinds think im gay soo can you please help me with my career path im so pleased i found your web site. also my freinds think im gay soo im goin to prove it to them that i am. love lots and lots ash rolf latimer xoixoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


i really want to be a model im really ugly and fat so i dont think anyone would choose me to be a lingerie model, all they can say is jenni craig dose weight loss not miracels but i carnt even get thorugh the door. would u please pick me to be a model so i can get gobbies

taylor young

hi iam a young girl that dreams to be a model one day but when i was little my mum droped me in front of a mack truck

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