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March 25, 2004



goooorgeous photo.


kat - you'll have to go there next time you're in China. LOTS of photo opportunities!! One of my favourite parts of the world :)


Wow, noooooooice mate. I only wish we were going to southern China. Buuuuut, I guess northern China will be OK for starters.


Your blog is probably the most beautiful one ever seen:-) Greetings all the way from Denmark.


Wow. I think that is my favorite pink picture you've posted thus far. amazingly gorgeous. it just doesn't look real. It's almost like a composite of many different pictures collaged together and painted.


What a glorious photo! I'll carry it in my head all day. Thanks to the photographer for sharing it, and to you for posting it!


wow, even the sky has a tint of pink, or were my eyes deceiving me? :)

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