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March 19, 2004


Pauly D

I was looking for a pink thing today, and yours nabbed me. Thanks.


yeah yeah yeah, you can say Tokyo's cold, but I saw the hanami forecast/news last night...

it's cold here though. it's snowing. again. no hanami forecast for us! i hear sapporo doesn't get blossoms until May.


oh kat - check this out for a splash of pink - http://smh.com.au/ftimages/2004/03/18/1079199360250.html - crikey it's a mohawk mullet!!!


Umm, that's a nice mohawk alright, but why does she always have to wear the pants so low. I'm all for hipster but that's a little too much.

devbear, umm yeah - it's not that cold here, it's actually really sunny. A few sakura have already bloomed in the park near me!! I used to live in Aomori and sakura usually bloom near the end of April, so yeah I guess May it is for sapporo!!



How did u password protect your pictures? I would like to do that for some, but I didn't know you really could if you weren't using something like ofoto.com.

If you would be so kind, I would love to know!!

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