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March 01, 2004


queen takeyah

peace...so I know you use kazaa to download movies, but which software program do you use when you download. although i am considered a nerd by most people that know me, i am not good at downloading things...help?!


Hey wow your site is brilliant. My names Kayleigh and im 15 living in england, 16 in a few months yay! I came across your site when i was looking for Japanese art history for my art gcse prep sheet, and i typed in japanese textiles and found the picture of the lady with the hat. I read through all your blog things, and i thought wow! . You live in Tokyo? I'd really love to go to Tokyo, to explore, perhaps i'll take a gap year before i go to a university and go somewhere like that. I'd like to know please, what its like living in Japan, how the people are,and did you learn Japanese easily because i'm trying to learn it, and to me it really isnt simple! haha. Arigato! Kayleigh.

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