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April 26, 2004



Your little felted thing is very cute! I have never felted anything (well, not on purpose, anyway). Peter is grossed out by felted wool items, for some reason.



I kinda like felting. I've felted a purse and it turned out pretty good. I have another one in the works. I learned to crochet first so I know what you mean by feeling the need to crochet sometime. The top that the instructor was wearing did she knit that and if so where could I get the pattern.
Love you site by the way and the bit about Japan are great. It's good to learn new things.



Hola! Am really enjoying your website and drop by every few days to see what's new. Avril sounds like a Must on my next Tokyo visit. Do you have an address for it? The website is lost on me since I don't read or speak Nihongo.

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