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April 27, 2004



I completely agree! How can people still back him as a leader if he is so prejudice towards a, maybe minority, group in our community. There is no justifiable reason why homosexuals shouldn't marry or adopt children. It's just wrong.


Pinku for President!!!

All pollies must wear Pink for a day :)


this is a huge issue right now in the U.S. for the first time in history, we have a sitting president who wants to write discrimination into the Constitution. this really boils my blood. if we can say that gays can't marry, who's to say that blacks or asians can't marry? it's discrimination plain and simple.. and no one has a good reason why gays shouldn't marry. i've often challenged people to try and give me a good reason that didn't revolve around some religious belief and no one can. since in the U.S. there is a separation of church and state, i don't see how it can be legal to amend the Constitution with something so non-secular. it's awful. if bush wins again in november, i'm sure to move. i guess it won't be to australia :( i'm sorry to hear that they have gone the way of the bush.


It boggles my mind that this is even an issue. And living in the US with our president displaying such ill regard for a large population of the country boils my blood. These people use the excuses of "preserving the sanctity" of marriage while there are plenty of straight couples I know who destroy that “sanctity” without giving it any second thought. I think, in the US at least, this issue is getting so much attention as a way to distract us from our crippling economy, failed attempts to “destroy” terrorism, and just an all around sour mood the country is in. Unfortunately they don’t care that people are getting hurt with this parade of backwards thinking. Well, I just had to get my 2 cents in on this subject, mainly, because I’m sick of hearing about it, I’m sick of seeing my friends getting hurt over it, and I’m simply sick of old starchy men butting their noses into others peoples business.


"...the move was not directed at gay people, but was designed to reaffirm what most people believed..."

Obviously Australia is no stranger to idiots either.

To Nicole, unfortunately Bush will most likely win again because the Democrats can't get a candidate everyone would feel happy about. Of the two evils I still choose Kerry but it won't make me feel any better.


This is terrible PR for Australia, BUT I will say one thing in Australia's defense: If you are part of a gay couple and one partner is Australian, then you are able to sponsor the other person for an 'interdependent partner' visa if you can prove that you have been in a loving relationship for more than a year. This law I think is more reflective of how the 'majority' of Australians feel....or at least I hope so.


Oh, Kath!

What a generous and kind thought.

You must have a very sunny and open-minded disposition.

Rally around the rainbow flag! (which I hate)

Love your brother


well said jen.

being a minority (although in japan i'm part of the majority, heh-heh), and having been on the receiving end of hateful actions and words, it makes me really sad to see others hurt over something they can not change.

'what the world needs now, is love, sweet love...' corny, but oh so true.

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