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April 28, 2004



that's very interesting. here in NYC the only place that you CAN smoke now is outside. smoking is banned in almost every commercial building, restaurant, and bar. i won't say that it went over well with the smoking population, but it definitely makes me happy. but if the government tried to pull something like this campaign here, people would be up in arms!


That is pretty amazing, considering Japan is such a smoking society! I am allergic to smoke, and I can smell a cigarette from a block away, and I HATE walking down the street and having to breathe someone's smoke! Let's hope the pacmen gobble up all the smoke in your neighborhood.


Actually, they put signs like that up in Takadanobaba in January. It worked for about two days... now people just drop their goddam cigarette butts on them as they walk around puffing as usual. But it was a nice try!


Sounds great, but just like the "no smoking" on the platforms here in Kyoto, people still do it and no one will tell them not to. It might be another one of those nice signs like the bicycle lines and markings on the sidewalks that are always used by pedestrians when the rest of the path is clear!!! :P

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