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April 19, 2004



i'm going to kyoto in May -- and I'm really looking forward to going to Avril there. I can't wait. I'm not sure what my parents are going to do while I'm ooh and aahing over the yarn!


I've got to get to Avril! Sounds like the nicest shop. See ya tomorrow.


Buddy - "I regret buying the hottest red sari with gold embroidery while I was in India." ????? Think you need an extra word in there lovey.

mwa mwa. the grammar nazi.

queen t

peace...i'll be in tokyo on Thurs...any recommendations for yarn stores to check out b4 I head to Narita?


umm, yeah thanks kinkers...just realised my mistake....it took a while to work out - that's a worry huh!!

queen t - how long are you going to be in Tokyo and what part of tokyo are you going to be in?? Email me and I'll try and think of some stores.


So sad you didn't buy that hot red sari!! But, perhaps it was not meant to be.
That yarn store you found sounds wonderful! And your Japanese is probably so good you can just chat about short row shaping with the salesperson, too. Ahhhh, I am envious.
Can't wait to see the cap-sleeved T. Lately I've been dreaming about knitting a cap-sleeved T ...


Good to hear you are finally sprusing that white sari up!!! I want to see it when it's done!!
Yes, it's a shame you didn't buy the red one. Hmmm maybe I should make a visit to India again this summer........

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