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May 06, 2004



the pink bowling shoes are so cute!!!

just wanted you to know that i have you linked because you live in Japan and that's one of my places to visit in the future. my husband and i are in love with all.things.Japan. i love your pictures! i read on another Japan blog that Japan is highly documented. he was right. all the Japan blogs i've looked at were highly decorated with pictures they've taken with their cell phones, digi cameras, etc. reading Japan blogs makes me feel like i'm living there. thanks for this!


i came upon this person's website who knit the same top. she may be able to help you. she helped me out before when i asked her a question.



Oooh, you are truly mad! Lookin' good with the pink hairdryer, hon. Natsukashiiiiiii!


I did all of my decreases slightly different, I decreased at each end, instead of doing a decrease on the purl row. In the end, it's the same thing. I think this might be why you end up finishing with a RS row with the wrong side facing you.


thanks for the advice. sharlyn, since your pia turned out so well, I'm going to do what you did and do the decreases all on the RS row. thanks!!!!!


i have a heap of pink pics for you, stay tuned, hopefully over the weekend i'll pull them together.....


I did the same thing that Sharlyn did. I did all my decreases on the RS. Even so this has turned out to be a nightmare project for me. Just started the front side. Hope things turn out better now that I know the pattern.
Good luck.

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