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May 16, 2004



I love the new top! The colour is nice, too. And even the pictures taken with your cell phon do it justice.


I just found your blog a few days ago on Loobylu and I am loving it and having loads of fun browsing. The top is adorable as well.


great top! the color is great! i recently bought a few knitting and crocheting books so hopefully i'll have something to show for it soon too!


super kawaii!! gonna wear it to snb tomorrow?
see you there!


totemo kawaiiiii!!!!


yeah, am pretty happy with the way it turned out. the knitted pieces had just been lying around for a while!! Will definitely wear it to the SNB tomorrow - even if it is hot (it is a pretty thick wool)!!!


Oklahoma! Now I get it. The top looks great. Kakkoii.


There is no detail of this top that is NOT crazy cute. There's a Japanese mall close to where I live, with an enormous magazine/bookstore that I have GOT to scour for knitting magazines.

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