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August 13, 2004



I had a crush on the Thorpedo during the last Olympics, and faithfully read his website where he answered readers' questions. He's got huge hands, too. More like paddles. :-)


Carla looks great! Lovely color.


I like the colour too. Too bad it doesn't fit you because it looks good!

I'm all hyped up about the Olympics too. I'm counting down to the opening ceremony!


I read that book! It should be called, "Ten Thousand Ways to Die in Australia Unexpectedly Because You Stepped On/Brushed Against/ Or Otherwise Accidentally Touched Something".

Didja get to the part where the scuba dive tour boat leaves the two Americans in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef (open ocean) and don't discover it until TWO DAYS LATER??! [yeah, they're dead] ... there's a movie out that's based on it "Open Water", just came out I think.

Gives new meaning to sink or swim...

(P.S. Love the Thorpedo tooo, didn't know he had big feet .. interesting...)


ha! Wrong book, I was talking about "Down Under".



Ah yes Ian Thorpe. Everyone loves Thorpey. Especially in JAPAN. The girls go ga-ga about him.

Pity that a large number of people in this country are quite convinced that he bats for the other team. All I will say is Thorpey + Pieter the flying Dutchman + Oxford Street during the Sydney Olympics. I'll let u guys work the rest out!

As long as he & the rest of the team swim their best...go Thorpey & Skippy & Hackett & Klim!

And on a note about obscure Aussie actors/failed soap stars-turned real estate agents...i just found out that a certain 'Bruce Samazan' (aka E-Street) will be at my friend's wedding next weekend - he's dating the bride's cousin! this could be interesting....


Love love love the Olympics and Bill Bryson too. I just re-read I'm a Stranger Here Myself.

Carla turned out great - I'm sorry you won't get to wear it!


Yayyy! Magazine! :D Your package went out... day before yesterday I believe. I hope it gets there quickly. Heheheh... shopping is fun... a little TOO fun.

Anyway, enjoy your package, and a huge thanks for all the swapping!


Hey Pinku, just got my kawaiiiiiii pink earrings from Fred Flare. Love them!! Hope you got yours too, Megan


Me too!!! i just got my pinku Fred Flare earrings... :)


Wow, what a great gift for someone! It looks fabulous.

You got me excited about the Olympics. I think I"m off to go watch some now...

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