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August 17, 2004




Great to see the Japanese mags. Is there anywhere you know of in the States to get them? Would they be hard to follow if you didn't know Japanese? Thanks for the info!




I love you site. I visit you about everyday. Where can I get japanese knitting mags in the states.


thanks - glad you liked them. I hear that you can buy Japanese knitting books from the Kinokuniya bookstore - they have several locations across the US.

They could be hard to follow if you don't understand Japanese and are new to knitting. Most of the designs are pretty simple and after referring to a couple of websites about Japanese knitting patterns, you should be fine. I know that a lot of people buy them just to be inspired as well!!!


I got my Fred Flare earrings on Saturday. Little pink hearts!


darin just wrote and told me that mine arrived in the mail today!!! can't wait to see them....and of course put them on. It's so cool to think that 38 girls from 6 countries will all be wearing the same little pink heart earrings!!


Thanks for the excellent reviews. Please keep continue!


Ooooh, yes lovely. Received them today - so girlie and cuuuuuuute - http://www.35degrees.com/archives/000420.php . Thanks Princess Pinku, you've scored points yet again (can I ever aspire to your level???)

Love Kinki-poo


yes yes I got my Fred Flare earrings too.. me looove them!! :) thankyou Fred Flare!! (so generous to send them all the way to Australia!!) and thankyou Pinku!!! xxxx


thanks for the jpns mag reviews (and recent website roundup). great for those of us living in japan. interested in reading more. i'm about an hour by train from central tokyo (but only manage a trip about every 3 months), and my LYS is rather granny-oriented. any other recommendations for finding inspiration/supplies here/overseas? are mags like Interweave Knits/Rebecca/Phildar available in Japan?
jill in ibaraki


I got my Fred Flare earrings the other day as well. V. cute! Thanks again for setting this whole thing up!

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