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August 25, 2004



WOW. those pictures are amazing. The BBQ looks like a lot of fun!


Nice photos! I went to the big awaodori festival in, Tokushima? I can't remember the city now. It was pretty wild! Nice sukebe shirt. Heh heh. And I LOVE that your friend wore her yukata to the bbq. She looks beautiful!


reading your blog makes me want to go to japan so bad!!

Are you doing secrete pals 3? I signed up!


ah! so that's why your eyes have such a nice slight almond shape :) i never would have guessed that your father is chinese because of your hair. what's up with the girl holding the walther PPK gun? trying to be james bond? she looks a bit frightened of it!


I wish I was in Japan too!! The BBQ looks like fun! where in japan exactly are you?


Mariko - the sukebe shirt was a total classic!!

Brandy - I don't think I'll be doing Secret Pals 3 as I am already doing Secret Pals 2

Gleek - that girl and her boyfriend are avid bb gun(?) fans, so they brought their very real looking guns to the bbq - it was fun trying to hit cans

Katherine - I am located in Kichijoji in Tokyo. I love the area as it is not too far from the city but also has a great crafty vibe, great yarn shops, and relaxing/entertaining parks!!!


hi kat, great pics! The festival photos took me back to my last night in Japan in Iidabashi. I love the community vibe of Japanese summer festivals...natsukashii!


Yeah, I love how the Japanese are obsessed with festivals - it just brings a nice, community, debaucherous vibe to every day. I must say Melbourne lacks that a bit. Ah, grass is greener, grass is greener, blah blah BLAH!


Hi...I saw these photos and I'm curious to know if you are willing, able to let me use one or two of them in a print article I am doing. Email me ASAP for more details...This is a serious request.


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