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August 05, 2004



hey... I want that magazine! will they have it at basically all japanese bookstores? maruzen? kinokuniya? anywhere? i have trouble finding specific issues though amidst the huge proliferation of Japanese magazines. (by the way... i'm headed back to the US at the end of this month).


maybe you should have a knitalong. I don't have a blog, but I do enjoy reading yours. :) BTW, when are you going to post some new pics of your finished projects? And when's the next secret earring swap?


thanks for the great links! those mom's are incredibly talented...


those are some great links! i am just getting my bearings in japan but have yet to find any knitting magazines maybe because my bookstore is pretty small. can you give me a few magazine titles so i can try to narrow down the search?


I love those socks! The Cashmerino yarn is the sooooftest and machine washable, too. In my book that makes it the ultimate yarn even if it is pricy.

Those are great links! I've been looking for the DIY cell phone strap attachments for ages.
Can I chime in and say I think it'd be super nice of you to review/post which knitting books you like. There's an incredible plethora of Japanese knitting books and having an isbn would help those of us who don't read Japanese and aren't up to speed on the stock/new releases. A pic, isbn, and small review would be most helpful. I'd be able to print it out and take it to Kinokuniya and ask them for it.

You so rock pinku.


Will try to organize some Japanese knitting magazine/book information over the weekend for those interested. Title, publication date, maybe a short review, photo of the cover and some designs, ISBN, etc.

You will find some knitting books at most major bookstores - kinokuniya/parco/book 1st, etc. I found the best selection at the big Book 1st store in Shibuya here in Tokyo.

You can also buy some of them from Amazon Japan.


Ooh, I have also picked up a ton of second hand mags in good condition for about 100 yen each at the second hand bookstore, Book Off - there are many locations but I found that the one in Kichijoji and the one in Harajuku the best.


Great links! I'm so bummed that the Kinokuniya near me is moving. Lucky you to be able to find these mags secondhand!


So aaaahhh, is there anyway I can get you to send me a few goodies? I'm wiling to pay. Let's talk business :D

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