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November 18, 2004



ohmygod, it's brilliant. i'll be there, have soooo much stuff it's tragic!

the boys are leaving today - we had a huge night at karoake last night, ouch. the pain. i knew we were in trouble when my 10 am private (only one for today, luckily) called at 1.30 am and cancelled her class and i promptly ordered another round of beers and another hour of booth time. they/we had so much fun on friday night, thanks for a great night!


oh hello :)
I am sorry to be boring and ask you for travel advice again... but I am leaving very soon for an overseas trip which wil incorporate 3 WEEKS in Japan! I can hardly contain my excitement! I have always always wanted to go there... BUT there is so much to organise! I was hoping for possibly a recommendation for somewhere to stay in Kyoto. We had no trouble finding a cheapish hotel/hostel type place in Tokyo in the internet but alas Kyoto seems a little harder... there are lots of Ryokan type places but they seem kinda pricey... ANY advice you have (or other lucky Japan residents!) would be very very welcome! Thanks Pinku, Lucy x


Hi Pinku,

Have been a lurker from NYC for a long time, here and there. Actually, I am visiting Tokyo for the first time in 14 years on a business trip - and was wondering if you could give me guidance to yarn happy shops. My uncle/aunt lives in Fuchu (?) - but I've no sense of geography and such.

Thanks, Sara/Saori


I know what you mean... I have already started salivating for my mom's thanksgiving dinner!

woohoo! Start the countdown! :)


oh Kat thanks so much for your help. Your friend's Kyoto tips site is so very helpful :) I think I have found somewhere perfect. You're the best! Arigato!!(?) xxx

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