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December 01, 2004



Love the plastic ramen... my husband has always liked the ones where the plastic food is pouring out of the bowl or being picked up with a spoon or something.


I've always looked at the fake plastic food in Melbourne and wondered whether I could buy some.

I have friends who are convinced it's real food that's been covered in varnish.

Bondi Bruiser

I don't know how many bloody times i have to tell you that i didn't snob you. Honest!! I would never snob a cute brisbanian chicky babe.

And what are ya doing calling me famous, famous for bloody what, being a skinny snobby prick??

It was great to be there with you guys on Saturday night and i am sorry i was a bit late, shop duties, that karaoke place looks pretty wicked, i just wasn't up for karaoke the other night though sadly but i must say that i do rock pretty good renditions of Anarchy in the UK, Satisfaction and My Way.

Both Natsu and i hope you have a great wedding day / night in Thailand and spend plenty of time practiceing to conceive... :) hahahaha


thanks for a bloody great night - and erm... sorry i was late (those pesky private students). i got some great pics too - your karaoke pics turned out great - wonder if that was wuthering heights i was warbling?

here's to a wonderful wedding party in thailand, and here's to a wonderful life for you and daz together! CHEERS big ears!

jen s.

Congratulations on your engagement! It looks like you had a great time!


wow! looks like a rockin' good time and that plastic food is pretty cool too. thanks for all the pictures! i love picture posts.


Looks like a pretty rocking party- everyone is so beautiful too. :)

What is up with the baby references as soon as you get engaged. Slow down, people!

Your blue sweater/ wrap thing is gorgeous. I want to knit it.


Well, I have a comment about Japanese people! I also say it not wanting to offend anyone.

I went art school with many Japanese students, and HANDS DOWN they ALWAYS had beutiful work!! Now the more americanized or born in america ones didn't seem to have this talant so strongly, but I havn't recearched that fully... I digress...

Americans from a design perspective I don't find terribly sophisitaced. I can almost always tell you when a web site has been designed by someone Japanese or asian. I think that must be more about culture, along side of that is the reliability factor you speak of. They always did their homework to the nth degree, and always got the best grades. I think thats also about the cutlure but more about disipline.

I wish I was Japanese, I told my husband I want to adopt a Japanese baby lol..

okay im weird, so i'll shut up now.


What a fun night! Thanks for sharing, and again, congrats to you and Daz.


Congrats to you & Darin! Looks like it was a top night all round...and that plastic food is so cool. Best. present. EVAR.


Happy engagement! Ooh, the fake food is such a great present! I have a certain special someone who would really covet that. Have you ever seen the film Tokyo-Ga? There's a great bit showing artists making the fake food out of wax. It's amazing!


Ooooh... great engagement party! You look lovely and I love the karaoke place. Have to check out a Yellow machinegun gig sometime, they look awesome.


OMG you look so skinny!!!!! Seriously, whatever u r doing in between gorging yourself on turkey, is working :o
Great present!!!!


OMG you look so skinny!!!!! Seriously, whatever u r doing in between gorging yourself on turkey, is working :o
Great present!!!!

oh, i see now. its a chicken :P

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