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February 17, 2005



Thanks for the excel list! I am drooling after reading the descriptions of all those stores. DAMNED INAKA!! Do you, or does anyone you know, have any similar recommendations in Osaka? I go shopping there every once and a while, so I really need to find the good yarn spots!


ooooh, congrats on the big 1000! pinku rocks!


Wow! That's a lot of comments!

(I wonder how many I have...hmm.)


Doesn't outing non-flower making people on your blog seem a little cruel? What if there's a good reason? Where's your compassion? Aren't you married now? Doesn't that make you a more understanding person?

Love Mok


Dearest brother, I wouldn't really out anyone on my blog - it's all about pink and love!!! That was just a loving reminder that some people are sad because they are flower pin-less and that they need some flower love!!


Great site and thanks for the excel file!

Noelle McCullough

I have not been able to download the Excel file yet but I am so excited to have found such a list. ONe of my best buddies lives in Tokyo and I want to be sure to have a list of Yarn shops to visit the next time I am in Japan. I would love to have a comprehensive list for the whole country etc. Does anyone know if such a thing exsists? How would I ask in Japanese about the whereabouts of a yarn shop? How would I look it up in a phone book or on the internet once I arrive. My friend is married to a Japanese man who could help us but I am betting he isn't much of a knitter himself and I would need to provide some direction if I wanted him to help me navigate.


yeah, i'm looking for a yarn shop closer to me in Kamakura...does anyone know of any?


I'm going to Japan in March for my sister's wedding-butI would like to find some kind of handspinning stuff while I'm there--I'm going to be in Tokyo,Osaka and Kyoto does anyone have any ideas?


Just to let you know the Mother Earth Yarn store in Minami-Azabu no longers exists. I just went there today and there is another store called Flower there...would anyone happen to know where the store went?

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