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February 23, 2005



oh! I am so happy you linked this! (for some reason, my knitter's review stopped coming a little while ago)

I just ordered some bright green laceweight from them! I have been looking for that exact thing to make a lace shawl for my wedding. (Nope, didn't learn from your shawl experience at all! I am sure I will run out of time but here's hoping!)


thank you for this post! what a great link... i am totally in love with this yarn. unfortunately i'm going to have to de-stash in order to justify any more purchases. (^_^) good luck on the design!


I ordered some of that merino in wasabi-green a few weeks ago, and was just amazed at how soft and luscious it is. Between Handpaintedyarns and the new Knitpicks line, my de-stashing has been slowed down significantly.

And I'm getting the Shuffle too! The husband bought me one for my birthday, but it hasn't come yet, hopefully soon soon soon!


This isn't related to your lovely crafty entry and your lovely crafty friends - it's about British comedy! You made an entry not so long ago, (I am a bit too tired to look for it!) about The Office, which is great. I can make you a few more recommendations. 'I'm Alan Partridge' - similar cingeworthiness, more obvious comedy. 'Spaced' - fun twenty something silliness and choc full of references to other movies and TV shows(Friends it ain't!!!) 'Reeves and Mortimer' (the smell of) freaky fun - maybe a bit dated, but I love it. 'Father Ted' - Irish priests and their housekeeper - surreal comedy at its absolute best. For sheer natsukashi stupidity - you've all seen it 'AbFab'. And I'm sure you've seen the 'Fast Show', I believe it was popular in Oz as well. All available on Amazon. I love your Blog, so sweet and chatty. I also love your mate Frangipani's - her photos are ACE and boy, does that girl bare her soul - virtually. Hoorah for cyber space - hope to bump into you again soon!!!


love LOVE the colors of those yarns! darn, just the other day i bought a bunch of yarn on sale so that i can make stuff for all the new babies this year. my husband is beginning to despair over all of the yarn at home :) i must stop spending my dough on it all!

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