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February 20, 2005



Ohhhh! A new computer! How looooovely.
And that dude is creepy. What is with his purse... He's like the anime archetype weirdo old man with the gaunt skeletal look.


Okay, that guy is seriously creepy! Sukebe!

And congrats on your new computer!!


I guess some people feel the need to really stand out in the crowd - he's competing with 35 million people you know!

new tech toy, gotta love that!


eh, yikes. new computer? lucky grrl!


Ha! The ladies behind him seem to find the situation entertaining too!


Oh, is he the BOMB or what! Thanks for the insight into Tokyo life ;-)


Yay...now all the Mok kids are MAC kids!!!!!!!!!


yeah! you got your PB!! mine is on a truck for delivery here in NYC.. but alas i'm not at work to sign for it (bank holiday for president's day). mine came from shanghai, is that where your's came from?

and dude, that japanese guy sure is in touch with his feminine side! i can't get my husband to go anywhere NEAR pink :)


Wow, cool!
I have never seen such a freaky man in my life.
Pink hut, big pink gloves, and his girl friend!!
Hmmm... very interesting!!


That man is SO bizarre.

Congrats on your new toy!


haha- I do love the girls giggling behind him too.

Those are some serious pink gloves- eek.

Congratulations on your new baby! I love my powerbook... I will never be able to use another computer!


very odd...whats with the doll?

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