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March 29, 2005



Ooh, I`d love to join in a swap this time round. Hair ornaments sound good to me. :)


I love the idea of the hair ornament swap! I was JUST thinking about how brilliant the pink earring swap was, too!
That one dog looks like a basenji, but it doesn't have the curly tail. Veddy veddy interesting.


Pinku, you read my mind!

I was wearing the gorgeous pink heart fred flare earrings over the weekend and thinking that another swap of some sorts would be fabbo!

Hair ornaments sound like a great idea. Count me in!


oh yes yes great idea. I love the idea of sending pink hair accessories flying all accross the world :) I am definitely in! xx


That would be fun but I don't know how to make any of those things! ;)

I could try though...


Count me in on another pink swap. I love the hair tie idea...or what about a round two of the earring swap because come on, you can never have enough pink earrings in my estimation!!


A pink hair accessories swap is a great idea!! Or...what about a pink (not necesarily hand-made) sock swap? Round two of the earring swap like Stacey wrote sounds like fun, too. If and when you decide to do another swap, I'm in!


Oohh, I love the return of the pink photos - especially that wall of pink yarn.


What a cute site! I recently announced I was going to paint the walls of my bedroom pink and what did my beloved boyfriend say? He said if I did that he would never sleep at my place again.

So it's pink walls OR a lovelife?

Typically MEN. ;)

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