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March 17, 2005


Laura Y

That's a very unusual and striking ume tree you've got there. Love your keepsake shawl. I keep scrolling back down to have a look..:)


I wish things would start blooming around here!

Funny/ Pretty tree...


You were right, it's been pretty warm since Tuesday, glad I listened to everyone and wore my sweater home! Doesn't it make you happy to see the trees come back to life?!


That is so kawaii!! I wish I could plant a tree like that outside of my house.


Hi yea it is cool but really that is not the whole tree. It is a tree that used to have all of its branches but only one is left and so you have only one branch for the tree to blossom on. :) The only way to make it a normal tree again is to trim it. But its cool like that!

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