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March 24, 2005



that is one awesome pink fix!

Happy Easter Pinku. Hope you eat lotsa choccie :D

tanya rose

hey, i was looking for dresses for my puppy, and i found your site. you have 2 of my 3 fave things all over your site. that pink and japan. im desperate to live there. the only problem is im terrified of planes, and i dont know if i could get my family,(husband, mom grandma and my niece and nephew to move out there?? how did you do it? or have you alwaysed lived in japan? do you speak japanese? was it hard to learn. i was learning on my computer, but then it got a virus through adware or something like that.if you have'nt lived in japan your whole life, what did you have to do to be able to live there??? please email me back.
tanya rose

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