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April 14, 2005



OMG, I want a ride on that swan in the first photo. Now, Now, Now!

I'm also desperate to have good karaoke here - there's nothing.

Love Mok


Looks like it was a perfect day! The 'crowd' photo scared me, looks like Shinjuku station during rush hour. Everything is always better with beer, friends and cherry blossoms : )

see ya at SnB!


Odd question: what's with the guy in the white mask?

I saw someone wearing one downtown yesterday and I wondered if there's a new SARS going around or something...


Wow, I`m not jealous of those crowds. Glad it was fun and you got a good spot. :)


Nadia, I am so glad that you noticed that man's sexy white mask. Wearing them is common in Japan and not a thing to be embarrassed about - that is unless you are me. There are a number of reasons why one would don a mask:

1. You wanna look like Michael Jackson
2. You have a cold
3. You just like the look of it, and you might try an eye patch as well next time
4. You are very afraid of pollen in the air and have a nasty bout of hay fever

I believe that that man would be wearing a mask because of reason 4. Reason 1 and 3 were my attempts at funny jokes. There is no SARS in Tokyo! Thank goodness because with so many people it could be disastrous.


That was fun, and you two managed to grab a great spot. Thanks for the invitation! Sorry we couldn't stay longer. (I had to make more cupcakes, etc. for a Sunday hanami and ended up baking until the wee hours of the next morning.) I wasn't as scared by the crowds as I was by the garbage we all managed to produce. The earth is doomed, I tells ya!


Wow - crazy crowds! I love the flowering trees though. They're such a subtly glorious way to welcome spring. I've been loving the cherry trees in my neck o'the woods. Thanks for sharing the pics!


thanks for the invite again! :D we had a such a great time -- and dude...thanks for living so damn close to the park to avoid standing in line for the bathrooms. totally greatful for that one! :D see you next week.


sounds like a helluva hanami party. thanx for the photos, kat - so pretty :)


First of all, I so totally love your blog and have been enjoying it for months. I spent some time in Japan myself on an exchange trip and dream of someday going back. Such a beautiful day, what nice pictures!


Great pics! It reminded me of my Spring, that is, if I had friends and went outside.


Wow, I thought the viewing was a more solemn affair. Not the beer swigging, concert-going crowd I'm seeing in your pics. Love them! I also love the Mexican beer holder thingy. Very cool.

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