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May 18, 2005


Jennifer in Tokyo

Ahhhh! I'm dying here. Look at his sweater! And his little shirt. And the hair. And he brought his crochet. :-) I so wish I could have been there. Babies, I tell ya.

Jennifer in Tokyo

Also, how dorky am I? I actually watch "Seikatsu Hot Morning" some days. To live the life of a Japanese housewife! Will definitely record it to the DVD hard drive on June 1, and burn a DVD copy for you.

Kitty Kitty

Looks like a dreamy evening. I want to live in Japan to watch "Seikatsu Hot Morning" as well. :'''( I checked at both the local Japanese tape rental places and it isn't on there list. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures. I particuarly like the close up of his back to see the sweater.


My favorite is the one where he is knitting so fast the needle is a blur!


ooohh Kat that is tooo cool. Firstly... do not worry about the TV cameras making you sweat... you look gorgeous in that photo so I'm sure you will on TV also... :) It was probably the heat of the lights more so than the cameras... Also, congratulations to Pinn... who I have never met or heard of before but she looks so cute in that pic I feel like hugging her! ha ha. Thirdly, not to be disrespectful at all to the amazing knitting prince... but did he remind you at all of Michael Jackson in the flesh? I think possibly it's just his clothes that reminded me... xxx


Oy! He's getting married AND making the wedding dress? Wow...I hope she's not entering menopause or anything. Otherwise all the years in the making will create some horrible delays! Tell him to get some assistants! (I have never seen that overhand way of crocheting. Very interesting. And that coat of his, wow!)


love the 'prince' addition to your banner! is he there for keeps? Sounds like a great evening!


Gotta love that knit lace cardigan! ;)


Lovely post! What a fab experience. Thanks for sharing.


queen t

sutekiina! (sp?) coolness...like i said, I always miss the good stuff. i was over that way a couple days ago! congrats...I can"t wait to see the video


Holey moley, that is amazing! That lace cardigan is awesome--I want that pattern! :)

Thanks for sharing the great pics!


Wow, that is cool. I've seen Mr Hirose's clothes in a museum in stockholm, Sweden when they had a show about swedish Do redo!. Nice stuff!

Se here:


haha I just noticed the Prince in your banner... awesome!


Oh!!! So wonderful!!!


Your brush with fame! It sounds like it was a blast. I really want to see it!!! And hey, is that a pinku secret swap hair clip I spy in your hair?


That must have been so awesome! Love the pictures.


heehee...LOVE the banner addition! :-]


Tanoshiso! O, Kat, what a great story!! congrats to the tokyo S&B for being deemed worthy of TV stardom by the Prince himself! great pics, i've been chuckling through all of them. looks like it was a great, fun night.


Wow - sounds like a fab experience! I hope the tape turns out well.


thanks for posting the great pics! looks like it was a night to cherish for all time!


Your brush with knitting/crochet royalty, literally! Great pictures, too.


This is so great! I love all the princely photos -- and that princely cardigan! Zoiks! The photo of you and the Knitting Prince is just lovely, too.


Interesting. He seems a little, eh, swishy to me.


WOW! That is so fabulous that you got to meet the knitting prince. The photos are great!


I love it! I had no idea, no clue, that there was a knitting prince! Great post!

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