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May 10, 2005



hey, they actually sell those crazy needles in my lys! they're called something like "quick knitters" (only in norwegian, of course ;-)). don't know why they are supposed to make you knit faster, but the point is, i think, that they're not as heavy to use as straight needles are for bigger projects.

also, i wanted to say i love your orangina! i'm making an olive green one. it's taking forever, for some reason.


yes, i think that kris is right.. they are straight needles for larger projects. this way the needles are not so long as to keep bumping into things which is the problem that i have with all of my straight bamboo needles.

lori z

I have some crazy needles like those in bamboo. I they rock and I wish that all straight needles were like that! I'm not too fond of knitting with circulars, but this seems like a good comprimise!


Ohhh, stateside, I've seen those in clover bamboo and in addi turbo (flex straights). Bargains make it all the sweeter, though!

The crochet kit is very cute!


ooh! cool needles and cool crochet kit. I heart circs, though.


Nice, score, I especially like the graphic on the package. However, I think those wacky needles would feel like the worst of both worlds for me! I can't wait to see Darin's exciting new drawring.


Those half straight half circ looks real cool. Great buys there.


Very cool... I still love my circs though! Nice to know there is another straight needle option...

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