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May 26, 2005



Thanks for the link pink lady! :) I think the scooter definitely should be called 'Rizzo'.

have a fabulous time xxx


Bon Voyage, Kat.

My swap buddy should be receiving their pink hair things soon - I posted them last week!


Such a cute dog! I hope you have a great trip and great weather!


You will have so much fun... and think of all the plane knitting time!

That dog is hilarious!


i sent my package off on monday. i hope my swap partner gets it soon!

can't wait till you're in NYC! you'll have a great time here and i'll be sure to meet up with you in the coming week.


RIZZO for sure! It's perfect!
That photo is hilarious, the dog's expression is priceless. Maybe it's the way his ears are sticking RIGHT UP!


I received my lovely package last week and will send a picture of it for you soon.

As for me, I am bad. I just can't get to the post office before this Saturday so it will be sent just at the tailend of May but it WILL be sent.

Have fun in New York! You'll be in my neck of the woods!


Have a great time in NY. I definitely think Rizzo is the best choice for the pink scooter. :)

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