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May 13, 2005



Lovely photo, Kat. Thailand rocks.

The Lululemon store is a wee hop and a skip from my place, but I've never been in. The yoga outfits look sumptuous, though, possibly why I have resisted going in! Both worthy of an actual workout and just feeling slinky at home.


That's funny, Kat...cause I've been doing the exact same thing just turning 34 next week. I was doing yoga a couple of years ago and quit...and wish I hadn't...I am so out of shape and unlimber now...it's scary and a bit ridiculous. You will love yoga. The thing to remember when doing it, is it is not a competition what poses you can't do compared to others in your class...don't do that...it is only a test to yourself...do what you can and don't push yourself...take it slow...your body will follow after you've done it for a while...take your time. I will forward you some links I have found recently too on eating and being healthier. Also, good skincare is a must for us who are starting to get the ol' lines around the eyes.


I'm sure Lululemon is $$$ there because it sure is here in Canada but if you invest, it'll last a long time. Last time I bought a tank top, it was $80! Handwash and hang to dry your gear and it will last for years. I have some Y-tanks that are 6 years old and look like new. It's very good quality and doesn't ride up while you're doing yoga. You'll be sick of your gear before you ever wear it out!

LL is ubiquitous here and honestly, people are getting sick of it so now yoga people are shunning the store. It's common to go to a class here and see 10 other people in exactly the same outfit. Now we have other "lifestyles" stores that just copy LL and charge even more. But you can't go wrong with the gear. It will last long and serve you well. Treat yourself and enjoy your yoga classes!


Wow, I had no idea there was Lululemon outside of Canada! At my gym here in Toronto, most of the girls are dressed head-to-toe in their gear. And plenty of people wear LL all over town as casual gear, not even pre- or post-yoga.
As for me, I'm saving up for it! ;)


Wow, a Lululemon in Japan! I love the store - we have a location here in Whistler. And they always have a doggie cookie for Bear when I go in. And, guess what? they carry pink!

Marcello Pietrantonio

Hi Kat, and anyone else reading this. I'm a fellow Kichijoji-ite from Australia, and I've been here for just over 1 year now. I like checking your site for local news and views, but I couldn't knit my way out of a wet paper bag.

I felt compelled to comment on this post after I read about your venture into Yoga. I love Yoga, but you're right when you say "It's not cheap" (3000Yen per class!? The great yogis would be rolling in their graves) but you're wrong when you say "but nothing in Tokyo is".

I've been teaching capoeira in Inokashira since November 2004, and our classes are pretty cheap. Everyone is welcome, from Kids to Adults, girls and boys, Gaijin and Nihonjin. If you're unsure what capoeira is exactly, please check out our website for more info.

Hope to see you at a class one day.


i still think this is one of your best shots from thai. if you guys are around this week let me know. id like to have a drink before you guys take off for the states. plus im done with my job at the end of this month! ill also be heading home june 20th for a month so it may be long time no see. tyler


lululemon rocks! i think it started in vancouver, bc. and yes, its not unusual to see hip chicks sporting lululemon pants and a funky shirt from smoking lily www.smokinglily.com here in victoria, bc! ok, i have been guilty of that....


So fun... I really have to get back to yoga class. It feels so good. :)

And the gear is fun too, of course! It is all about the goodies!

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