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June 13, 2005



EEK! What are the chances? Good ice-breaker though, no? I love "the Bendalls" sign too!


LOL! That's not too bad, at least you didn't overflow the toilet. Since there was a crack there already, you really can't blame yourself. Can't wait to see the rest of your pics.


Sorry for the double post, but I just notice after I clicked post that your Google Ads are for toilets, lol! Now that's funny!


Poor Pinku!


"The cat can't flush!" :-)

I'm so sorry, I'm sure this was a mortifying moment - but what a story! If it's any consolation - things like these actually make people even more lovable. Who needs perfect?


Oh man... That must have sincerely sucked for you. I bet the in-laws were mortified that it happened to you while you were visiting. Clearly the thing was ready to break with whoever sat on it next. Not the impression you want to make on someone visiting your house for the first time.


Man, that sucks! Someday, it's going to be one of those funny stories that you pull out at family functions!:) You should be getting your hair stuff any day now...I sent it off last Tuesday!


hahahah, oh my god kat!! that's funny. you remind me of my cousin kate who completely screws up every toilet she comes in contact with :) glad to hear that you're back safe and sound in tokyo!

Stephanie VW

Oh My Gosh - That's so funny!!! And to think you live in the land of hi-tech toilets...


Aw, man! What bad luck!! You are gonna be hearing about that for YEARS now...

Love your new banner- haha


Thank you for telling that story. How embarassing, but obviously not your fault! I feel mortified on your behalf, but I really needed some amuseument today.

Good luck with that jet lag!


I think that the best part of this story is the google ads that are displayed in the right-hand column: "Kohler toilet seat" and "low-flush toilets" on my computer.

Seriously, though, this would be my worst nightmare, and it sounds like you handled it amazingly well.


I absolutely love Meet the Parents...have yet to see Meet the Fockers.

I could hardly believe your story, what are the chances? I would have been mortified. I am sure they think you are great, this will be a favorite story of for years to come.

Lucky you :)


OMG KAT! that is absolutely hysterical and HORRIFIC at the same time... and just completely out of the movie. be prepared because you know that story is going to be one that's told over and over again at family gatherings! (^_^)


Oh, Kat!! That is mortifying!! I can't help laughing, but mostly I'm just so glad that hasn't happened to me (yet!). They will never let you forget about it, either. Ai-yi-yi.

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