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June 02, 2005



Nice pics! What yarn stores did you visit?


it looks bloody great Kat. i can't wait to visit NYC and do lots of cool stuff.

i haven't killed the plants yet but there are noticeably less cockies! been overcast and raining for days, wet season has well and truly set in. the park is beautiful and the little black waterbird is tending to her chicks like a star. they are very well fed and getting lots of attention from Mum and adoring crowds alike.


that looks like so much fun!


If it helps any, the weather yesterday in the Sunny South Bay of SF was 83 degrees F.

It's nice. Weather in "the city" though, can be extremely different.


looks like a fun trip! i long to visit new york city someday...


oooooh I am jealous! :) Glad you are having an awesome time though! It all looks amazing... I have been having pinku withdrawal symptoms... so thanks for posting mid-holiday! xx


man. jealous. btw -- you looked fabulous on tv the other day! ;D


It was nice to meet you at Teva's party. Glad you've had a good visit.


all right! pictures! i'm so glad that you made it to NYC. it was great hanging with ya, kat. you should come for a visit more often :) enjoy the rest of your trip!


here is a very cool pink fix for ya honey - a Pink Toolbox! - http://www.fredflare.com/customer/product.php?productid=35&cat=312


Met Martine the other day and got the tent, thanks for that. Dont know if the weather will hold out for camping but oh well.
Looks like NY was a good time. Have fun in Wisconsin!


OMG! That dog is so cute (it is a dog, isn't it?!). It looks like Boo Boo, Yogi bear's pal!


It looks like you are having a fabulous time! I hope the rest of the trip is as wonderful.


hey! just got back from philly and to a computer... it was SO much fun seeing you during your stay. hope you're enjoying the rest of your trip! *hugs*


gotta luv new york- u look like you had a great time. Off topic- i forgot to tell my pinku swap partner who i was (her name is chrissy noh) and i have lost her address since the package has flown to the usa. can you let her know from me. thanks. Kate


It looks like you had so much fun! I just discovered your blog...I am so jealous you saw SJP! I live next door to NYC (in Hoboken) and I never see anyone!!!

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