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June 20, 2005



I'm also wondering if my in progress OSW shoulders will fit over my arms... I made one of the smaller sizes figuring that I'm usually a small/xsmall so the sizing I picked didn't seem so absurd. But now I'm wondering, befure I pick up the outer stitches, if I chose the wrong size.

I'll also find out soon. Best luck to yours fitting. Maybe there should be a warning at these points in the pattern...


oooh all this OSW stuff is looking very cute.... Can't wait to see yours... I get so jealous when I see you post details of Tokyo events (SnB, the Knitting Prince, Hanami parties etc...) and I wish I could just spontaneously jump on a plane and come along too! Have a lovely time tomorrow... we'll be having the shortest day of the year here in Melbourne! :( xx


ps) Darin should put that video in reverse so the legwarmers look like they're growing instead of shrinking! :) (I can't see too clearly though... maybe that is what he's done... is it ?)


did you see that i got a ball winder too?! on your recommendation.. and i love it! i used it this weekend to frog a ton of bad progress that i made on my honeymoon cami.

question about your OSW, is the cotton tape less than worsted weight? that was my main problem with choosing a yarn for the OSW. i have lots of thin yarns. i think that i just need to change the pattern to fit my gague.. don't know.


I love that animated gif. I'm going to have to get a ball winder. It makes even frogging look like fun.


I'm almost finished with mine too, my OSW that is. I finished the seed stitch on one sleeve and tried it on last night, but it's too big! So, I'm in the process of ripping out about 4 rows, gosh almost there...so close!


cool video! i'll see you tonight! i forgot bug spray...hope i don't get killed by the mosquitos!


I'm making one too... it's nice that the pattern is so easy (I'm almost done with the body and I just started it night before last) but I had trouble getting gauge. I am using a cashmere/merino aran weight yarn, and I had to use size 10 needles instead of 8s. It seems to be right on now though. We'll see how it fits, I guess. Can't wait to see yours, the ribbon yarn sounds interesting!

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