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June 15, 2005



Sounds like SO much fun! I can't wait to go home for a visit in August!


Hi Kat-
It was so nice meeting you at Teva's party (and then dinner) and also at the Point! I look forward to seeing your photos of Napa (my husband and I went there on our honeymoon!). Sounds like you had a great trip :)


hey kat,
it's Sandra. i split the turkish meatball patty thingies with you at the Antique Garage. Glad to see you had a good time in new york. so happy to have met you. i was on about two hours sleep and had a fight with my boyfriend the night before so I wasn't feeling all that great that night we all went out after Teva's party. Don't get me wrong, I'm a complete drag and a stick in the mud but not that much of a drag and a stick in the mud.

And let me get this straight. . .did you use the words "nice" and "the yarn company" in the same sentence?! Wow. I'm quite impressed. I consider it a good Yarn Company experience if they take the time to give me condescending looks and actually acknowledge my existence. Quite amazed, I tell you.


hmm... i too agree with the yarn co comment made by sandra. but if there's a good sale, i'd put aside those feelings. maybe. (^_~)

what a bummer you couldn't get anything from artfibers! it seems such a pity to go there and not come back with anything! i have some extra chai silk (http://www.artfibers.com/YARN/catalog/new_wave_2/Chai/chai.html) in color 16 around if you are interested... just shoot me an e-mail and i'll send it over. plus, i'm going back to san fran next month so i can always re-stock! hehehe...

what a great salvation army! any good finds? now i am totally in a salvation army mood... maybe i'll hit one on the way back home today.


Yeah, the cashier lady at Yarn Co is always nasty. I think she's one of the owners.

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