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June 22, 2005



Great FOs, Kat. You look so cute in the OSW. I like the yarn you used. It shows off the details of all the stitches so well. and I love the sock. Did you carry the colors over as you were knitting? Or did you actually have to weave in all of those ends?


Kat- you are too cute. Your OSW is beautiful as is the sock!


OMG! How cute! Glampyre has you to thank for me buying the pattern. I can't wait to post mine!!! I loooove the socks! Good job :D


oh my. That OSW looks really good. love the close up... you knit so evenly! that wool looks lovely too... texture-wise. hmmm.. I have so many started and so many unfinished projects! x


OK, that shrug is very cute. I'm tempted, but know I'm too lazy to finish. I also really like the socks. Too cute.


Sweet, sweet, sweet.

Felicia from sweetgeorgia

It looks fabulous on you! And solstice knitting looked like so much fun!


With every photo of it I see, I'm one step closer to joining the OSW club. Yours is adorable -- and so is your knee high!


That sock looks awesome! Love those colors.

I think I might have fall into the OSW trap. I'm sure there's something in my stash that would work for it!


love the OSW!! i'm starting one tonight when i get home after working the plays :) the stripey sock is totally cute.


hmmm... maybe i have it in me to do one more osw? i have extra cotton tape from carla, too. hmm...


Love the knee-high stripey socks. V. Paul Smith!


Mathematical Knitting



beautiful osw! as moni from blacksheep knitting said, the osw is *totally* the new clapotis ;)

and solstice knitting night?! how great is that, with all those candles.. sigh. so great!


beautiful osw! yum, a cotton tape one must be lovely. and your kneesock is fab - i've meant to knit some stripy ones for ages but i never seem to get around to it.

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