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August 30, 2005



ha ha :) I am embarrassed about the teddy thing now! (but somehow not embarrassed about the Jessica Simpson thing!) hee hee.

Interesting about the salty plums you speak of... I think maybe I had one in Tokyo at the Hanjiro cafe... it was inside one of those triangle rice things? Would that be right? (sorry I feel silly for not knowing what they are called). Yes anyway it caught me a bit off guard! (as eating in a foreign country often does!). It was a bit much all in one bite... I quite liked it though... I just had to nibble slowly :) xxx


I have a clothes pile too!! I am so bad about that. When we decide it's time to clean, I move the clothes pile to the bed and hang everything up. It sucks.

I also *heart* Jessica Simpson. I get a lot of crap about that from my friends.


Don't you love how salted plums make your mouth water just thinking about them. In Hawaii, we make tons of things with them...gummy bears, margaritas, I made a sorbet recently. Hmmm, I think I need to go eat on one now :).


Ahhh, the clothes pile. I just put all those clothes away. The one bad thing about the clothes pile is that if you're sloppy about it, the clothes that are in there that you want to wear, might be wrinkled.

*rasies hand* Fellow Newlyweds watched over here, too! =)


1. I too love the dried, salted plums. They're really hard to find here though. They're so, so, so very yummy.

2. I'm also a warm weather person. I'm a little afraid of this move to NY. I'm not sure I'll be able to survive the winter. All because I'm also from the Sunshine State. Only, you know, Florida, not Queensland. ;)


I like salted plums too, but I'm asian-american. Onigiri are super-yummy, too. Mmmm.

Your piles can't compare to my piles. Mine is definitely genetic. I visited my uncle and he piles his books. My mom (his sister) piles everything. My aunt (mom's sister) also piles her mail. In an asian way, I can totally accept piling as a genetic trait.

I'm Californian and my concept of cold is 50 degrees F. Without snow. This is enough for me to pull out the long johns, down jacket, and turtlenecks.

And oh, I eat rice with a fork. Not that I can't eat it with chopsticks but I just feel that it is inefficient and takes all the yumminess enjoyment out of eating white rice (which I do love plain).


I used to like River Phoenix too.


Oh, River. So sad. One of the best compliments I ever received in high school was that I looked like River Phoenix. I don't know that it was meant as such, but took it as such I did!


I have a clothes pile, too! No matter how hard I try to be more diligent about hanging up clothes, it just doesn't go away. The amazing thing is that I always know what's in it! (I'm sure all you other clothes-piling people can identify, too...)


My mom used to quote that poem to me as well! You and Darin are a fantastic couple- so glad to have found you!


I spent half my childhood in Brisbane in the '70s and got heavily into 'salty plums' too. much prefer the red ones (white also available but less sweet). where can i get them from over here (UK) or import them from? been back in england since '79 and only had them once since (after a friend returned from OZ) with a desperately requested cargo for me.


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