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August 04, 2005



Here's a link to the goodies I received from Myra: http://nicole1980.blogspot.com/2005/06/i-love-presents-these-goodies-arrived.html


That was fun! I really enjoyed that swap - thanks for organizing it!


Miriam to Steph Oh those 6 hair accessories! - Miriam, where are you? I need to shop at 6!! The 6 store here just closed and I'm devastated!! I bought earrings every weekfor the last year. My record was 18 pairs in one visit! You'd think with people like me shopping there they couldn't go out of business but they did. Maybe there's a website so I can online shop. Girls, if you need gorgeous costume jewellry and hair accessories, check out 6 if you're lucky enough to have one in your city. I was...snifff....


persimmon, miriam bought those lovely clips for me in amsterdam :) i LOVE them! wore the cute pink sparkly bobby pins yesterday.


Thanks for organising a really fun swap. I'm just sorry I had to send the package twice (first time ROTS, second time no news yet...)

La Fae

i still say this is my favorite swap ever


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