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September 05, 2005



Cute slippers, and adorable niece!


woah....go back a nano second...are you australian? i always had you pegged as american (but then again maybe you are).


OMG, those are cute! Now I must make a pair, in case it gets cold on the airplane!


Loooove the slippers...just what I will need when it starts to get cold here in the Midwest!


Thanks for the link, I think my daughter would like a pair of these slippers for bed too!


hey lady

love the slippers...

your niece looks like you! ...she is gorgeous :)

and yay for Aussie bbq's!! :)


thanks for slipper link - must knit some! yours came out v. nice.

Aimee Roo

so cute!!

i just love aussie bbqs, some of my dear friends are from down under, and they throw the best bbqs ever! but i suppose you already know that. :)

off topic question, but being in japan and all, you have a ton of cute stuff around you. are there any good kawaii shops that send stuff to the usa? or would you maybe want to do a small swap?


The slippers are adorable, but not as adorable as your niece. What a cutie!


Weird, Bloglines hasn't been updating you lately. Great slippers - but please tell me, how the HELL do you BBQ eggs?

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