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September 16, 2005



OOH! New knit mags already? I'm going to a yarn store today that *supposedly* has Noro so I'll have to see if they've stocked those yet. Thanks for the preview!


ooooh my fella used to like Fugazi a lot. Every new thing I read about you and Darren makes me think we would get along so well in person :) I dream of me and James living in Tokyo one day and going out for dinner with you two. ha ha. :) whoops sorry I don't mean to sound like some kind of freak/stalker. Don't worry I have no idea how I will ever afford to visit let alone live in Japan anytime soon x

I love the look of those knitting books! 'specially the one with the cute red and white blanket on the cover. How do Japanese stylists manage to make things like crocheted blankets look so damn COOL? It makes me want to make a crocheted blanket! That's pretty impressive! if you have anytime maybe you could post some pics from inside that book?? If you can be bothered... I know that is probably extremely annoying to do... sorry! :) x


hi again :)

I'm sorry to comment twice in a row but this little comic reminded me of you and Darin :


I thought you (and he) might like to read it.. if you haven't already... which is unlikely judging by the response - http://www.the-engine.net/forum/index.php?webtag=ENGINE&msg=209.1


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