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October 19, 2005



Kat! That is amazing! I can see how it would be draining though! :)

But... just think... you guys could open a cute little funky knitting shop somewhere in Tokyo right now and WOW would it be a hit or what? You need to capitalise on this media attention! :)

maybe something a little like this gorgeous-looking place - http://www.loop.gb.com/index.html

whaddya say? I will try and learn Japanese (and knitting!) really quick so I can come over and be your salesgirl :) xx


you're a SUPER STAR!! and damn am i impressed that you did the interviews in japanese. it truly is your second language.

i'm also with lucy on this one. if KP really likes tokyo, he's been talking about getting tranfered there :) you should think about starting up a knit cafe like the point. i bet you would rake in the cash.


wow! that's really cool!


wow! that's really cool! I think you would do really well in a business relating to knitting. You're so dedicated to it, and people notice that.

tokyo used books

Now, now. Now who is the famous one? Don't let it go to your head and start snobbing people like someone we both know!!


What a great experience!! I'm sure you were great at the interview despite the hangover. :-) You should post when the TV segments will be on so those of us in Japan can tune in!


I can totally see a knit cafe called Pinku in Japan... what fun to be in the spotlight for a bit.


It sounds like fun and really, really tiring. but you totally look like a superstar in the studio. Congrats on the spotlight!! :)


That is so great, but I can see why it would be exhausting.

I can't until you are the next celebrity gaijin!


I have that copy of Keito Dama, can't wait to go home and take a closer look at it. Of course I can't read a word of japanese, but I'm sure they said fabulous things about you!

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