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November 18, 2005



Maybe some of the Japanese pattern companies would like to produce English (and other) translations of their patterns;)

Gosh. So much to do. As if living in Tokyo wasn't rewarding enough! Envy!


Oooh, that wedding dress is nasty! She looks like she's just stepped out of a well.


I totally agree on the wedding dress - it's all I could think about when NHK was talking about the wedding. I don't understand why someone with enough money and status to have any designer in the world make her wedding dress went with something so bleurgh!


Those banana hammocks, H-O-T! Have a good weekend!


satin sack + permanent fake smile = very very scary...said to masao ' i would be so pissed off with my stylist if they chose that hideous dress for me'


Aiyiyi - those banana hammocks are quite disturbing. Let's hope Sayako's new husband did not wear one of those on the honeymoon.

I know you will now question my taste, but I rather liked her wedding dress, however I cringed a bit when I found out she based it on a dress from a Lupin film.


happy weekend! i'm so jealous of all the knitting fun in tokyo. love all the pink pics - i'd send you some but everything is black and grey up here now ...


You totally need to buy Darin that "banana sack".

I love kimono. I think they're exceedingly beautiful. I just don't understand the trend towards Western style wedding dresses. They aren't all that great.

Yeay for spinning! It's so much fun!

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